Jeeter Baby Cannon

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1.3 grams of exotic indoor flower infused with live resin (full spectrum oil retaining a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes).

Jeeter Baby Cannon

A variety of oil containing a greater concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes was utilized to infuse 1.3 grams of premium flower with live resin. It features complementary strains of top-notch live resin and flower combined for a rich flavor and distinctive effects.

For excellent airflow, Jeeter’s Baby Cannon uses our unique ceramic filter. Air can chill down smoke to produce clear taste notes without burning or otherwise compromising the smoking experience thanks to microscopic holes.


Reintroducing you to an old friend, Sticky Ricky, Jeeter “Big Game” tradition. This unique seasonal taste features a dominant inhale of luscious, tropical mango that is more sweet than sour, while the exhale reveals earthy funk undertones and traces of peppery pine that are typical of GMO. Jeeter Baby Cannon,Its effects begin and remain stoney, with a strong sense of body tingling and cerebral pleasure that will keep you rooted to the sofa.

Jeeter baby cannon Features

Jeeter’s Baby Cannon features our custom ceramic filter for optimized airflow. Microscopic holes allow for air to cool down smoke for clear flavor notes, not burning or degrading the smoking experience.

The Baby Cannon’s first hybrid product, Jeeter Banana Pudding, is a well-balanced combination between GSC and Banana OG.The smoke has a nutty yet creamy flavor with undertones of gas that transitions into a juicy banana exhale with spicy Kush overtones that are typical of OG strains.Its effects begin with a happy, calming head high, which transitions into a delicate, tingling body high, staying balanced the entire time.

Jeeter Baby Cannon


Jeeter Grape Gas is an indica-dominant cross of Grape Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato. Its inhale delivers the richness of diesel and earth, with accents of dark berry, while the exhale envelopes the flavor with rich red grape. Initial effects are lightly uplifting in both mind and body, Jeeter Baby Cannon later accompanied by a gentle physical high that grows heavier as deep relaxation sets in.



11 Roses, Boom Boom, JR, Hades Haze, Chernobyl, Purple Urkle, Jacky White, Neptune Kus, Bango, Pink Sunset, Pure Love, Kona Gold, Killa Watt, Tora Bora, Iced Widow, Gold Bar, TimeWreck, Tiki Kiwi, Orange Wreck, Lemon OG, Jungle Apples, Grape Gas, Pineapple Punch, Azul, Orange Romulan, Apricot Helix, Mixed Flavours..


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