Jeeter Juice Carts (Concentrates)

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Jeeter Juice carts the hybrid strain known as Jeeter Juice carts was produced. After your first hit, you’re going to beg for more due to its delectable, extremely sweet fruity apple flavor and gently cakey vanilla exhalation.

Jeeter Juice Carts

Jeeter Juice carts and Animal Cookies, the hybrid strain known as Apple Fritter was produced. After your first hit, you’re going to beg for more due to its delectable, extremely sweet fruity apple flavor and gently cakey vanilla exhalation. Similar in scent, the effect is also herbal. The high from this strain kicks in almost right away, uplifting your spirits, relaxing your sore muscles, and leaving you entirely at ease. Chronic pain, sorrow, sleeplessness, mood swings, and stress may all be helped by apple fritters.

Apple Fritter Effects

The Apple Fritter strain has uplifting, muscle relaxing, and calming effects. Feel yourself become more at ease and upbeat in your day.

Jeeter Juice Carts Taste

The mouthwateringly sweet apple flavor of the Apple Fritter is followed by a vanilla cake exhalation. It’s similar to seeing your mom bake an apple pie while you’re in her kitchen.

Jeeter Juice Carts

Apple Fritter with Jeeter Juice Introducing Liquid Diamonds, the market’s purest and most potent concentration. They are extremely pure oil made from concentrated THC diamonds that were recently melted. Jeeter Juice carts.

Our Liquid Diamond Pre-Rolls and Cartridges offer an outstanding flavor with the most aromatic terpenes available with less plant material to disguise the taste. You’ll wish these diamonds were forever available due to their incredible potency, taste, and purity.

Other Components THC Levels

Jeeter Juice carts is an award-winning cannabis, which is famous for its heavy-hitting properties and delicious flavors. It represents an evenly balanced hybrid with a 50/50 Indica/Sativa ratio. This cannabis appeared thanks to the efforts of Lumpy’s Flowers stationed in California.

Though the parent strains are not precisely known, Apple Fritter weed is believed to be a result of crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. On average, it carries an overwhelming THC content ranging between 22-32% and CBD levels of only about 0.38-0.65%.

Despite it being rather tasty, this weed is well-known for its potency. Therefore, it may not be very suitable for beginners, and even experienced tokers are recommended to handle it mindfully. Among other significant facts about this kush, it’s also necessary to indicate its terpene profile, which consists of phellandrene, limonene, caryophyllene, pinene, myrcene, ocimene, humulene, linalool, and terpinolene.

Tastes and Flavors

The flavor profile pairs well with its name, providing a sweet taste that resembles pastry. That sweetness harmonically combines dominant apple flavor with the subtle presence of strawberry. Continuing that palette, the taste is highlighted by a vanilla-like flavor on the exhale. At the same time, the aroma is very like the same, differing with only a mild herbal note.

When creating such a complex flavor profile, the primary responsibility falls on phellandrene, which ensures the sweetness, apple, and strawberry presence. Caryophyllene slightly affects sweetness and cooperates with limonene to create that subtle vanilla hint.

Jeeter Juice carts


Although its appearance may be a bit deceptive, the high comes in no time, putting everything in its place. Right after the first tokes, it’s easy to feel a wave of euphoria and creativity that simply doesn’t leave enough time for the appearance of any negative thoughts.

Then, it flows into a very relaxing body high, which begins with tingles and gradually relaxes the whole body. Though it doesn’t induce some powerful sedative effect, in most cases, consumers prefer to lie on the couch doing nothing but resting in bliss. Such a combination is a perfect way to fall asleep, thus making this cannabis the best for nighttime consumption.


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